Benton King Taiwanese Express Meal, Kingsford, NSW, 2032

Thai Restaurant cuisine in Kingsford, NSW

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Benton King Taiwanese Express Meal serves exclusive Thai Restaurant cuisines. We are currently located on Kingsford, NSW. Our exotic Thai Restaurant menu includes Honey Soy Chicken Wings Bento,Rice with Pork Mince, Braised Beef, Stewed Pork Belly Bento, Spicy and Sour Pork Chop Bento, Basil Chicken Nuggets Bento, Stewe Chicken Maryland Bento, Crispy Chicken Strips Noodle Soup, Spicy Mala Tang, BBQ Chicken Strips, Stewed Chicken Maryland, Chicken Maryland, Taiwanese Style Chicken, Miso Soup, Hot Dog, Har Gow, Alisan Tea Mousse much more. With great prices and sumptuous Thai Restaurant dishes, we provide you the comfort of relishing the dishes at your home with the option of online order that includes delivery and pick up. When the order is placed, you would receive a text confirmation confirming your delivery. To view all the dishes in our menu, please click on the order online button and grab our offers.

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Lunch Schedule ( Pickup )

  • Monday 11:00 Hrs TO 17:00 Hrs
  • Tuesday 11:00 Hrs TO 17:00 Hrs
  • Wednesday 11:00 Hrs TO 17:00 Hrs
  • Thursday 11:00 Hrs TO 17:00 Hrs
  • Friday 11:00 Hrs TO 17:00 Hrs
  • Saturday 11:00 Hrs TO 17:00 Hrs
  • Sunday 11:30 Hrs TO 17:00 Hrs

Dinner Schedule ( Pickup )

  • Monday 17:00 Hrs TO 21:30 Hrs
  • Tuesday 17:00 Hrs TO 21:30 Hrs
  • Wednesday 17:00 Hrs TO 21:30 Hrs
  • Thursday 17:00 Hrs TO 21:30 Hrs
  • Friday 17:00 Hrs TO 21:30 Hrs
  • Saturday 17:00 Hrs TO 21:00 Hrs
  • Sunday 17:00 Hrs TO 21:00 Hrs

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  • Opening Hours

    Monday To Friday : 11:00Hrs To 21:30Hrs

    Satursday : 11:00Hrs To 21:00Hrs

    Sunday : 11:30Hrs To 21:00Hrs

  • Directions

    396 Anzac Parade, Kingsford NSW 2032, Australia

  • Contacts

    Phone: +61 2 8957 0342


Eastlakes, Kensington, Kingsford, Maroubra, Maroubra South, Randwick, Roseberry, St Pauls, Wentworth, Wentworth Point.